Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr !
0 00 unbenutzt / leer
1 01 DOS 12bit FAT (FAT12)
2 02 XENIX root file system
3 03 XENIX /usr file system (obsolete)
4 04 DOS 3.0+   16-bit FAT, Partition <32MB
5 05 DOS 3.3+   Erweiterte Partition (LBA-Modus)
6 06 DOS 3.31+   16-bit FAT (FAT16, BIGDOS), Partition >=32MB
7 07 HPFS, NTFS, QNX, Advanced Unix
8 08 AIX bootable partition, AIX (Linux), SplitDrive, QNX ("qny")
9 09 AIX bootable (Linux), AIX data partition, QNX ("qnz")
10 0A Coherent swap partition, OS/2 Boot-Manager, OPUS
11 0B Windows 9x FAT32
12 0C Windows 9x FAT32 (LBA-Modus), EXT INT 13
14 0E Windows 9x FAT16 (LBA-Modus) (BIGDOS VFAT), >= 32 MB, Ext INT 13
15 0F Windows 9x Erweiterte Partition (LBA-Modus), Ext INT 13
  10 OPUS
17 11 OS/2: Hidden 12-bit FAT (versteckt)
18 12 Compaq-Diagnose (Landis)
  14 Hidden 16-bit FAT, partition <32 MB
22 16 OS/2: FAT16, Partition >= 32 MB (versteckt)
23 17 OS/2: Hidden IFS (HPFS) (versteckt)
  18 AST Windows swap file
  19 Willowtech Photon coS
  1B Hidden Win95 OSR2 32-bit FAT
  1C Hidden Win95 OSR2 32-bit FAT, LBA-mapped, Ext INT 13
  1E Hidden Win95 16-bit FAT >32 MB, LBA-mapped, Ext INT 13 (PowerQuest specific)
  20 Willowsoft Overture File System (OFS1)
  21 officially listed as reserved (HP Volume Expansion, SpeedStor variant), Oxygen FSo2
  22 Oxygen Extended
  23 officially listed as reserved (HP Volume Expansion, SpeedStor variant?)
  24 NEC MS-DOS 3.x
  26 officially listed as reserved (HP Volume Expansion, SpeedStor variant?)
  31 officially listed as reserved (HP Volume Expansion, SpeedStor variant?)
  33 officially listed as reserved (HP Volume Expansion, SpeedStor variant?)
  34 officially listed as reserved (HP Volume Expansion, SpeedStor variant?)
  36 officially listed as reserved (HP Volume Expansion, SpeedStor variant?)
  38 Theos
  3C PowerQuest Files Partition Format
  3D Hidden NetWare
64 40 Venix 80286
  41 Personal RISC Boot (Landis), PowerPC boot partition, PTS-DOS 6.70 & BootWizard: Alternative Linux, Minix
  42 Secure File System (Landis), Win2000 (NT 5): Dynamic extended partition, PTS-DOS 6.70 & BootWizard: Alternative Linux swap and DR-DOS
  43 Alternative Linux native file system (EXT2fs)
  45 Priam, EUMEL/Elan
  46 EUMEL/Elan
  47 EUMEL/Elan
  48 EUMEL/Elan
  4A ALFS/THIN lightweight filesystem for DOS
  4D QNX
  4E QNX
  4F QNX, Oberon boot/data partition
  50 Ontrack Disk Manager, read-only partition, FAT partition (Logical sector size varies)
81 51 Ontrack Disk Manager, read/write partition, FAT partition (Logical sector size varies), Novell
82 52 CP/M, Microport System V/386
  53 Ontrack Disk Manager, write-only (Landis)
  54 Ontrack Disk Manager 6.0 (DDO)
  55 EZ-Drive 3.05
  56 Golden Bow VFeature
  5C Priam EDISK
  61 Storage Dimensions SpeedStor
99 63 GNU HURD, Mach, MtXinu BSD 4.2 on Mach
100 64 Novell NetWare 286, SpeedStore (Landis)
101 65 Novell NetWare (3.11 and 4.1)
  66 Novell NetWare 386
103 67 Novell NetWare
104 68 Novell NetWare
105 69 Novell NetWare 5+; Novell Storage Services (NSS)
  70 DiskSecure Multi-Boot
117 75 IBM PC/IX
118 76 Partitionen, als virtuelle Platten benutzen (AMIthlon)
  77 QNX POSIX partition
  78 QNX POSIX partition (secondary)
  79 QNX POSIX partition (secondary)
128 80 Old Minix (Linux), Minix v1.1 - 1.4a
129 81 Linux, Minix v1.4b+, Mitac Advanced Disk Manager
130 82 Linux swap partition, Prime (Landis), Solaris (Unix)
131 83 Linux native file system (EXT2fs/xiafs)
132 84 OS/2 hidding type 04h partition (verstecktes DOS-Laufwerk C), APM hibernation, can be used by Win98
133 85 Linux extended
  86 NT Stripe Set, Volume Set
  87 NT Stripe Set, Volume Set, HPFS FT mirrored partition (Landis)
147 93 Amoeba file system, Hidden Linux EXT2 partition (by PowerQuest products)
148 94 Amoeba BBT (Bad Block Table)
  99 Mylex EISA SCSI
160 A0 Vamos. (versteckte Partition), Phoenix NoteBios Power Management "Save to Disk", IBM hibernation
161 A1 Vamos. (Bootpartition), HP Volume Expansion (SpeedStor variant)
  A3 HP Volume Expansion (SpeedStor variant)
  A4 HP Volume Expansion (SpeedStor variant)
165 A5 FreeBSD, BSD/386
166 A6 OpenBSD, HP Volume Expansion (SpeedStor variant)
167 A7 NextStep Partition
  A9 NetBSD
  AA Olivetti DOS with FAT12
  B0 BootStar Dummy (part of DriveStar disk image by Star-Tools)
  B1 HP Volume Expansion (SpeedStor variant)
  B3 HP Volume Expansion (SpeedStor variant)
  B4 HP Volume Expansion (SpeedStor variant)
  B6 HP Volume Expansion (SpeedStor variant)
183 B7 BSDI file system or secondarily swap
184 B8 BSDI swap partition or secondarily file system
  BB PTS BootWizard
  BE Solaris boot partition
  C0 Novell DOS/OpenDOS/DR-OpenDOS/DR-DOS secured partition, CTOS
193 C1 DR-DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secure FAT12
  C2 Reserved for DR-DOS 7+
  C3 Reserved for DR-DOS 7+
196 C4 DR-DOS LOGIN.EXE-secure FAT16
199 C7 Syrinx, Cyrnix (Landis), HPFS FT disabled mirrored partition (Landis)
  C8 Reserved for DR-DOS 7+
  C9 Reserved for DR-DOS 7+
  CA Reserved for DR-DOS 7+
  CB Reserved for DR-DOS secured FAT32
  CC Reserved for DR-DOS secured FAT32X (LBA)
  CD Reserved for DR-DOS 7+
  CE Reserved for DR-DOS secured FAT16X (LBA)
  CF Reserved for DR-DOS secured extended partition (LBA)
  D0 Multiuser DOS secured (FAT12???)
  D1 Old Multiuser DOS secured FAT12
  D4 Old Multiuser DOS secured FAT16 (<= 32M)
  D5 Old Multiuser DOS secured extended partition
  D6 Old Multiuser DOS secured FAT16 (BIGDOS > 32 Mb)
  D8 CP/M 86 (Landis)
219 DB CP/M, CTOS (Convergent Technologies OS)
  DE DeLL partition
225 E1 DOS access (Linux), SpeedStor 12-bit FAT extended partition
  E2 DOS read-only (Florian Painke's XFDISK 1.0.4)
227 E3 SpeedStor (Norton, Linux says DOS R/O)
  E4 SpeedStor 16-bit FAT extended partition
  E5 Tandy DOS with logical sectored FAT
  E6 Storage Dimensions SpeedStor
  EB BeOS file system
  ED Reserved for Matthias Paul's Spryt*x
  F1 SpeedStor Dimensions (Norton, Landis)
242 F2 DOS3.3+ secondary, Unisys DOS with logical sectored FAT
  F3 Storage Dimensions SpeedStor
  F4 SpeedStor Storage Dimensions (Norton,Landis)
  F5 Prologue
  F6 Storage Dimensions SpeedStor
  FD Reserved for FreeDOS (
  FE LANstep, IBM PS/2 IML (Initial Microcode Load) partition
255 FF Xenix BBT (Bad Block Table)